Got a great idea? How do you know someone hasn’t thought of it first!!
Don’t wait to find out that your search was incomplete.

Let’s Search the ….
Patent office!!!

Now before you spend time, money and maybe incur an infringement suit.

YOU Can’t, I CAN!!

I use search software and techniques exclusively applied by the US Patent Office. I did this for the US Government in Washington, DC for years and for hundreds of clients.

Now, I can do it for you, too.

AND you will have PERMANENT PROOF you were first!

Reach me at 609-410-2441 Please text me first and I will return your call.

Patrick A. Neely, LLC, provides patent research and analysis directly by Patrick Neely, former US Patent Office Business Methods patent examiner. We provide a full spectrum of expert IP solutions across all technology domains to clients globally.

We will have an initial consultation followed by a comprehensive search performed by Patrick A. Neely and a deliverable that points to and references novelty. I aim to identify and describe the differences of your product/service from the other products/services patented and/or available for sale in the market.

For more information, please reach me by cell phone at 609-410-2441. Kindly, please text me first and I will call you back.

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